Natural Language Chatbot – A Value-Added Investment

//Natural Language Chatbot – A Value-Added Investment

Natural Language Chatbot – A Value-Added Investment

Before we get into how its natural language chatbot can help you in the business, it is necessary to know what is the Natural Language Processing (NLP) chatbot all about. NLP is a type of artificial intelligence technology that focuses on interpreting, recognizing and understanding the users’ request. It understand the language in a free language.

People usually think of a chatbot as one of the super intelligence computers which as smart as the Terminator. However, it is still at a very early stage and the precision rate is around 60% to 70%. This is very useful for certain cases.

Apart from NLP, there is Conversational Interfaces (CI) chatbot as well. Where the user can chat via voice, or written language or any other natural language with graphical UI elements. How both the technologies have their own set of pros and cons and it is hard to conclude which is better than the other. CI is more attentive towards the users’ attention. It always aims to provide the exact information that the user is looking for.

Hybrid of NLP and CI

In fact, the developers have made use of both to create a hybrid chatbot that will have the benefits of both the chatbots. For example, Google assistant, which is one of the smartest AI bots combines the NLP and CI to help the people make use of both the technologies. However, the future of the natural language chatbot is not about creating better natural understanding but about creating a design that can offer a smarter conversational experience to the users.

It is not only Google that uses the hybrid chatbot, but even Alexa echo show uses the same to get the best UX. You can the voice command (NLP) and also use the touch screen (CI).

Use of Natural Language Chatbot

Whenever you open a website, you mostly see the let’s chat in one corner of the website. Well, that is the chatbot that can give a detailed insight into the company and the services offered by them.

Have you ever thought about how it knows all the answers and how can it answer all the questions about the company? Well, that is the programming done by the developers. Have you ever tried asking it about the weather or about the stock market rate? It won’t be able to answer you that. It will pop-up a message declaring that it can answer every question about the company.

There are several benefits of getting the Chabot for your business. The primary advantage being that your customers won’t have to wait for any human assistance. In the year 2016, the valuation of the chatbot market actually hit $703 million. It is expected by 2025 it will reach a size of $1.25 billion.

It is clear that the dependency on the chatbot is increasing day by day and that businesses are relying on the chatbot to answer the very basic questions to their customers.

Reasons to Install a Chatbot on Your Website

If you are still thinking about why to install chatbot on your website. Well, there are many reasons that can be a reason to get the chatbot. Here are a few of them:

  1. Zero-Waiting Time: If the response time of your website or a video playing on the website takes 10 seconds of the visitors time, you are bound to lose that visitor. Now imagine, losing most of the visitors just because of the failed response on time. Saddening isn’t it! Thus comes the chatbot that responds to your visitor in a fraction of second, saving their time and providing a clear insight about the company and the products. If you are getting the eCommerce chatbot you will be able to offer a complaint box for the customers where they can complain about a product or simply look for return policies.
  2. Personalize Experience: personalizing communication with your customers can make them feel like they are interacting with real people. If you get a conversational chatbot, you will be able to keep up the communication with your customers. This mainly helpful for retail online store. The eCommerce chatbot will act as a salesperson and it will help your customers find what they are looking for.
  3. Improve User Engagement: Where the development of the correct UX and UI is concerned, every designer and developer have to face huge pressure. In the natural language chatbot, there is no customers’ expectation; therefore, UX journey ends nowhere. If the chatbot is well designed properly, it can be the key to make your customers happy.
  4. Target customers from different platforms: Chatbot works well with various social media platforms like Facebook messenger, Skype, Slack, and telegram. Therefore, you can expect to get more and more customers from these platforms.
  5. Best customer service level: Personalized chatbots that are powered by the NLP can always process the natural language like discourse, syntax, and semantics. This gives a better insight into human psychology to the chatbot and makes sure that it gets what your customer is looking for. It is not only that, but it can also track the product bought by the customer previously and show the exact product they might like. This will automatically get more conversion for your company.



The natural language natural chatbot can engage customers in real-time and therefore, it can get ten times more leads than other tools. The main reason being that it is a conversational mode and it can make the customers feel like they are conversing with a real person. If you do not want to lose a lot of your customer, then chatbot can be the best thing for your eCommerce store.

It is important to keep in mind that your customer is not interested whether you use NPL or CI chatbot, all that they care about is simple and easy interactive language. Therefore, instead of focusing on what chatbot you are installing, you need to look for the fact that the language is easily understood and offers a perfect interactive platform for your customers.

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