How To Install Syra AI Chatbot On Slack

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How To Install Syra AI Chatbot On Slack


STEP – I > Create a Slack workspace if you don’t have. To do this Go to in/

. Click on get started and there will be two options shown

  • Find your workspace
  • Create a new workspace


STEP – II > If you already have a Slack workspace, then you need to sign in to your workspace by giving your workspace URL. And give you email id and password.

STEP – III > You need to create an app to Embed the Bot in your Slack. Create an app in Slack.

STEP – IV > To create an app in Slack, go to

. Click on Start Building Button on this page.

STEP – V > Click on create new app on this page and give the app name and choose the workspace name in which you want to create this app.


STEP – VI > Your app will be created in the workspace you have chosen.

STEP – VII > Go to Features -> Bot Users and on the option “Always show my bot online”. Click on Add Bot User. On the next page, click save changes.


STEP – VIII > Go to Features – > OAuth & Permissions. Click on Install App to Workspace.


STEP – IX > Click on Authorize to add your app in your workspace.


STEP – X > After authorization this page will redirect to the page where your “Bot User OAuth Access Token” will be generated.


STEP – XI > Copy your “Bot User OAuth Access Token” and go to your model which you have created in You will get options to Embed your Bot in different channels. Click on Embed to Slack and paste your “Bot User OAuth Access Token” and give your Slack Bot display name also. Click on save.

STEP – XII > Your bot is successfully embedded in your Slack app. You will be able to see your app into your workspace under Apps.


STEP – XIII > Go to slack App and test your Bot. Your Bot is answering.


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