How To Embed Syra AI Chatbots on Skype

/How To Embed Syra AI Chatbots on Skype
How To Embed Syra AI Chatbots on Skype 2021-02-15T11:57:19+00:00

Setup Of Syra AI Chatbots On Skype

Here are the steps:


  • Click on “Create Microsoft App ID and password”, it will redirect to you on another portal.


  • Click on “New registration” and give all the details and click on Register.


  • After clicking on Register it will redirect to the Microsoft App ID blade.


  • Copy Application ID (Microsoft App ID) and save it anywhere.


  • Click on “Certificates & secrets” and create the Client Secret (Microsoft App Secret) by clicking on “New Client Secret”.


  • Give the description of the Secret Key and select Never on the Expires blade. Click on Add. It will generate a secret key. Copy secret key and save it anywhere. One secret key will be shown once so save it for future use. Or you can generate new secret key by clicking on “New client secret”.



  • Click ok after bot creation you will be entered your bot channels.


  • Click on skype. Your Skype channel will be integrated with your Bot. To test it without making it public click on cancel. To make it public give all the details on publish settings and submit for review. After successful review your bot will be public.


  • Go to
  • Sign in if you have an account. Or register by filling up all the fields.
  • Go to your projects page and click on your project for which you want skype integration.


  • Click on Embed to Skype and give the App ID and App Secret which was copied previously.
  • Test your Bot on Skype. Go back to the Bot Framework Portal and click on your Bot. Click on skype.


  • Click on “Add to Contacts”. Sign into your skype account and test your bot on Skype.